In the list of one of the oldest breeds of dog on Earth, Malamute dogs would be seen written in bold.  Many natural dog breeds were hampered by scientific refinement but with Malamutes, the least disturbances have been made so far. Malamute puppies stay unusually active all the time, taking up whatever excites them, with minimum sleep.

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Malamute dogs have a powerful and sturdy look. Being one of the oldest dog breeds, Malamutes have adapted to the changes in nature and have come so far with natural refinement. They are highly intelligent canines who look for something to do in order to keep them active.

Novice owners must keep in mind that dogs of this breed would be an investment to keep. Not only because of their utter cuteness, but their companionship is highly desired too. They are highly energetic and require special attention, along with some space they desire for themselves.

When it comes to the little ones, Malamute puppies are like fur balls that are always active and excited. Here is an extremely cute video of a pack of 4-week-old Malamute puppies trying to sing each other’s part and being highly excited as ever.

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The pack of Malamute puppies in this video has six little furballs that are trying their best to sing the most. It is cute and hilarious at the same time to watch each of them struggle to balance the notes while howling. What’s cuter is each of their attempts to see who howls the most!

These 4-week -old Malamute puppies are seen to be out-singing each other in the most adorable way possible. These Alaskan malamute puppies have a tendency of engrossing anyone with their charm and cuteness as shown in the video.