Step 1.
Place your dog’s bed next to yours in a way that would allow you to reach out your arm to pet your four-legged friend and fall asleep doing that.

Some dog parents have to lie down next to their dog a bit, on the floor, and then return to their own bed. 😊

Step 2.
Move your dog’s bed farther away, at a distance.

Put a thin blanket or towel on the spot where your dog’s bed used to be and where your pet used to sleep.

This way, you do not prohibit your dog from sleeping next to your bed, but at the same time you are creating much more comfortable conditions at the new place where you would like him/her to spend the night.

Step 3.
This one is only needed if you for some reason are looking to move your dog to a different room.

Place your dog’s bed in another room and leave a thin blanket/towel at the old place. Put something next to yourself: a chair, a container with water, a pot, etc.

Leave the bedroom door open. Let your dog stay in the room, come in and go out of it, but organize a comfortable sleeping place exactly where you would like him/her to sleep.

The next logical step is, naturally, closing the door to your bedroom (if it’s important for you to do that).

Be patient. Each step will take you a few weeks to practice. If your dog gets too anxious or nervous, give him/her more time to get used to the new rules.
That’s it. Nothing complicated.

The main thing you need to remember is that it’s important to make sure that your dog feels appreciated and that this was all his/her choice and no one made him/her leave. 😊